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Bad Reception by S.C. Wright (Sanctuary, #1)

Bad Reception
by S.C. Wright

My rating: 4.5 Stars!

Series: Sanctuary - Book 1
Publication Date: May 31, 2017
Publisher: Shannen C. Wright
Genre: Paranormal - YA
Print Length: 189 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Listening to your parents is hard work. As a teenager, you're always right, of course, but to them everything you do comes up short. Kana is nearing the end of her teenage years and is already a young woman. With no career prospects, no goals in life, she just can't seem to attain her family's expectations. On her nineteenth birthday, an accident caused by her own shortcomings causes a domino effect of chaos turning her life from boring and mundane to terrifying and supernatural. Kidnapped by a vampire and her chauffeur, she ends up the hostage of a host of strange creatures: Chloe, a mild mannered Cajun vampire. Vincent, a Welsh werewolf with a penchant for piracy and a history of drug abuse. Gabriella, a Spanish immortal who cannot die, and her daughter, a shapeshifter.

Will she finally find her way back home to her family? Or is family more than blood and kin?

Bad Reception by S.C. Wright (Sanctuary, #1)

It was bad enough that Kana broke her leg, but it was even worse when her mother’s need to “get to an important meeting” found her stranded at the hospital in a wheelchair with a cast that was barely dried. The young thief who crashed into her while stealing a bag of blood made a craptastic day even worse, until said girl picked her up and carried her at a full run to the awaiting getaway car and Kana would discover creatures that really do go bump in the night, and you know what? These “creatures” treated her more like family than her own did.

BAD RECEPTION by S.C. Wright is a light and often humorous tale of what it means to be family, the good, the bad and the supernatural and she does so with a light touch, fabulously realistic characters and some unexpected twists that kept me turning the pages with rapt attention.

So, what is so clever about being kidnapped? Kana is taken by a “family” consisting of a vampire, a werewolf, and even a shapeshifting salamander. They all live together in a supernatural bed and breakfast and when the sparks fly, they are explosive! Yet, when push comes to shove, they have each other’s backs, tolerance and loyalties, even if some of them may be a bit anti-social. Kana is the only human in the lot, but, of course, they can’t let her go, because really, could you keep this kind of secret? But something will happen that will destroy their little hideaway and that will take us to the beginning of this tale, years later as Kana and her young son journey to a faraway place and the time has come for her story to be told…

S.C. Wright tells a great story without the weight of angsty characters. This is fantasy, the sky is the limit, but family is what you make it and this group of misfits makes for a completely entertaining family filled with diversity. Need something a little different in the fantasy/paranormal genre? Tired of dark and brooding tales? Sit back and enjoy the ride!

I received a complimentary review copy from S.C. Wright!

Midwife in Behruz by Judy Meadows

Midwife in Behruz
by Judy Meadows

My rating: 4 fun stars

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc (November 1, 2017)
Publication Date: November 1, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Number of Pages: 234
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Lay​la's trip to Behruz, her father's country and home of her early years, is meant to be one last adventure before she joins her dreamboat fiancĂ© in Texas. But Behruz casts a spell on her. Her knowledge as a midwife is needed there. Serving women's health in a country where no one talks about "such things" presents interesting challenges.

Majid, an American-trained doctor, is back home in Behruz serving his people.​ He's ready to settle down, but because of an old family ​bias, American women are forbidden to him. That's no problem until Layla walks into his clinic with a sassy smile, a jar of semen, and her T-shirt proclaiming "Midwife at Your Cervix."

Midwife in Behruz by Judy Meadows

Anyone who knew Layla would never call her a Shrinking Violet and when this American midwife lands in the land of her birth with its restrictive customs and blushing sensibilities, she will bring about a whole new level of International understanding, even if it is only with a tiny group of people.

MIDWIFE IN BEHRUZ by Judy Meadows is a humorous and light-hearted look at one woman’s brief stay in a fictional Middle Eastern country. Follow Layla as she meets a man who will change her life over a jar of royal semen, yep, really. (Shhhh, whose it is, is a secret!)

Layla was caught between two worlds, the land where she grew up and the land she was born in, so it only seemed right to have one last adventure before settling down with her All-American, blonde fiancé. Little did Layla know that her journey to Behruz would capture her heart in more ways than one!

Follow Layla as she delivers babies, helps one Royal attempt to conceive and endears herself to one family by simply shopping for them at a local pharmacy! That Layla may have found the magic her heart was missing back in the United States is like the frosting on this light and fluffy romantic tale.

Judy Meadows avoids the pitfalls of high angst and feeling alienated in a strange country through her feisty and endearing character, Layla. Definitely a fun read that still holds some thoughtful tidbits about the differences between cultures around the world, not to mention some great T-shirt logos that few could say were not pretty funny!

I received a complimentary review copy from Judy Meadows!

Mistletoe Fantasies by Stacy Eaton Release Tour & #Giveaway

Pleasure Your Fantasies Series: Book 1
by Stacy Eaton
#Enter to #win 
Prize: two US winners - signed paperback of Mistletoe Fantasies by both Author and Cover Model Chris Mayo  
Ends Nov 22, 2017 

Mister Big Stuff by Weston Parker Blitz and #Giveaway

Mister Big Stuff
Weston Parker
Publication date: November 14th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
I’m a billionaire bad ass.
A military man who’s given up dreams for family.
A loner of sorts.
My father built an empire and left it and every bit of the shit that goes with it in my lap when he died. And I’m in desperate need of a personal assistant.
Someone who will speak straight, man up, take me on head-to-head. Force me to walk the line. Fuck me.
I just never expected it to be her. She’s a single mother. The girl from across the street when I was growing up. My little sister’s best friend. The one I lost my virginity to on a drunk night my senior year. But she’s perfect for the job and honestly, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
She cripples me just by walking in the room.
I want her more than I want my next breath, but does she feel the same? And would it stop me if she didn’t? Fuck no. After a long year of loses, I’m ready for a win. And I’m gonna start with her.
Cause she’s always been mine and we both know it.

Author Bio:
I'm a former firefighter/EMS guy who's picked up the proverbial pen and started writing bad boy romance stories. I co-write with my sister, Ali Parker, as we travel the United States for the next two years.
You're going to find Billionaires, Bad Boys, Mafia and loads of sexiness. Something for everyone, hopefully. I'd love to connect with you. Check out the links below and come find me.
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Like Bad Boys with strong language and a naughty imagination they're not afraid to act out anytime, anywhere, all the time? You've found your peeps.


V.K. Torston's Defiant Attraction Playlist Reveal

V.K. Torston's debut novel, Defiant Attraction is finally available on Amazon! In celebration of the release, Tome Tender is revealing the official Defiant Attraction playlist.

Official Defiant Attraction Playlist


About the Book

DefiantAttractionFrontCoverDan might be the enemy of my enemy, but I’m not sure that makes him my friend. He’s definitely not my ‘step brother’, no matter what everyone at school says. Honestly, I don’t know what he’s supposed to be to me. Or what he’s becoming… Fact: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the yearbook, I’ll be Sophia Ramos: Valedictorian. Years of honor roll certificates, AP classes, and lugging around an obnoxiously large cello case are about to finally pay off. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll escape these decaying suburbs for a top university across the country. The problem? A few years ago, my mom met someone just as broke, just as drunk, and just as impulsive as she is. Approximately five seconds into their relationship, they decided it would be an excellent idea for him—and his son, Dan—to move in with us. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t). Now I share a house with none other than Daniel Cole. Even though Dan dropped out two years ago, he’s still the tattooed, bad boy, heartthrob, legend of St. Anthony’s Academy. He and I aren’t supposed to have anything in common. Living together means war. First, Dan and I were at war with each other. Now, our rivalry is giving way to an unlikely alliance—two opposing sides teaming up against a common enemy: our respective parents. Which is to say, we’ve been hanging out. Question: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Here’s the thing: My brain is a complex organ. One hundred billion neurons, each with an average of seven thousand synaptic connections to other neurons. My brain is my ticket out of here. My heart, by contrast, is a pump. It moves blood around. I know Dan is off-limits. I know I shouldn’t do something I’ll regret. And I know how much is at stake (my family, my future). So why can’t I stop thinking about him? Those inscrutable jade eyes. The smile that can say a thousand different things at once. That tattoo curving across his abs… Even though I know better, I feel that pounding in my chest. And it’s getting harder to ignore. But if I follow my heart, I can never go back. Answer: There is no such thing as an immovable object.

About the Author

vkheadshotV.K. Torston is a millennial and ‘cool aunt’ to a brood of nieces and nephews. She was born and raised in San Francisco, attended university in New York City, and aspires to one day live in London. A veteran of the independent music scene, she began writing nonfiction in her late teens. Then she realized that making up stories was way more fun than coming up with endless synonyms for ‘frenetic’ and ‘danceable.’ Her hobbies include drinking too much coffee, making up stupid songs, and ranting about current events. Defiant Attraction is her first novel.
Follow V.K. Torston Twitter: @VKTorston Facebook: @VKTorston Goodreads: /VKTorston

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The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between Us
by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: St. Martin's Press (January 9, 2018)
Publication Date: January 9, 2018
Genre: Mystery | Psychological Thriller
Print Length: 352 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
A novel of suspense that explores the complexities of marriage and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love. 

When you read this book, you will make many assumptions.
You will assume you are reading about a jealous wife and her obsession with her replacement.
You will assume you are reading about a woman about to enter a new marriage with the man she loves.
You will assume the first wife was a disaster and that the husband was well rid of her.
You will assume you know the motives, the history, the anatomy of the relationships.
Assume nothing.

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between UsIt isn’t often that a book has the power to leave me speechless, or better yet, in awe of the complexity and the brilliant delivery that appears to be the unraveling of a woman scorned but turns out to be that woman’s quest or mission as she unravels the truths behind the calculated lies that shattered the woman she once was and created a Picasso-like rendering of who she has become.

He swept her off her feet, gave her the world, and treated her like a prized possession and that began her fall from marital grace. That is when the “other woman” came in and that is when Vanessa knew she had one mission in life and it became her obsession, even as the rest of the world moved on, even as her world was imploding around her. And. Nothing. Would. Stop. Her.

THE WIFE BETWEEN US by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen is dark, mysterious and heavy with atmosphere. It is riveting, it is gut-wrenching and it will show both the worst of mankind and the best. It will leave you speechless. It will leave you in awe of the complexity of this tale, the complexity of relationships and power and control. It will leave you raw, witnessing human frailties, human cruelties and manipulations. It will leave you in awe of the sheer power of human determination and the will to survive, damaged, flawed and a little broken.

Each page will hold another revelation, another piece to the puzzle and yet, until you have that last piece, nothing will fit. But after that final page, after that final piece is in place, you will have the truth, warts and all.

Powerful, powerful reading, worth re-visiting again and again, because there will be something you missed the last time around, because no one is as they seem.

I received an ARC edition from St. Martin's Press!


Dungari Rise by Nikki Landis

Dungari Rise
by Nikki Landis

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Dark Arrow Publishing (December 20, 2017)
Publication Date: December 20, 2017
Genre: Erotic Scifi Romance
Print Length: 272 pages
Available from: Amazon




The Dungari dominated the human world 100 years ago in a desperate attempt to save their dying race. Enslaving young women and forcing them to endure the Choosing, the Dungari seek to replenish their fallen numbers.


Synika hides with a rebel group who seek to end the tyranny on Earth. When the truth is exposed, she must rise to the challenge and save the captives from a fate far worse than death.


Tuvari is a soldier who always completes his mission; honor and bravery his highest calling. He will need to decide if his loyalty belongs to his people or with the fiery temptress who has ensnared his heart.


Would you give up everything to do what is right?

Dungari Rise by Nikki Landis

Dungari RiseThey came to Earth on a mission. They needed females to save their dying race, but the Dungari’s idea of how to “encourage” female participation was both horrendous and barbaric, but, hey, they were the superior race, right? As they begin their annual “Choosing” of young, fertile females of great beauty, there were those who would resist and among those rebel groups determined to take back the planet, Synika hides and so far, she has managed to avoid sexual slavery, until a captured warrior entices her with his mind, little did she or the rebels know, he was a plant, there to crush their rebellion.

Tuvari will do what has been ordered, but he won’t be barbaric or cruel. One look at the Earth female and he knows his heart has met its match in the fiery beauty in front of him. He will do everything he can to protect her from the vile and sadistic prince who has purchased her body. That decision will force him to declare where his loyalties are, with his people or the humans they use for physical pleasure.

No one can say who one will fall in love with, or how one knows the enemy can be trusted, but Synika and Tuvari become lovers and pawns in a dangerous game that could spell death for two civilizations or life for a new future for all. Could you trust a man from a race that raped, brutalized and enslaved your people? How can one be true to both their heart and their duty to their race?

DUNGARI RISE by Nikki Landis is an erotic romance against the odds as two worlds collide in a most vile and demeaning way. The passion and caring between Tuvari and Synika is so far removed from the sexual battering of the other “chosen” women, it is almost like reading two separate stories. Nikki Landis does well with her words, as we are not made flies on the wall for the brutality, just witnesses to the aftermath. She leaves no doubt about the feelings that are growing between Synika and Tuvari or what kinds of odds they will be up against from both sides.

Betrayals, jealousies and mistrust will mar both races, and to be honest that made this science fiction tale all the more believable. Filled with high tension of mostly the emotional kind, the emphasis is on romance, although there are battle scenes that one cannot help but get completely behind! Spice, space and survival, all rolled into one. Nikki Landis has taken science fiction to a new level of passion while clearly defining the lines between right and wrong!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Nikki Landis in exchange for my honest review.

Tamed by Christmas by Sidney Valentine

Tamed by Christmas
by Sidney Valentine

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing (November 21, 2017)
Publication Date: November 21, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Print Length: 128 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

An Aussie cowboy, his feisty ex, and an unprecedented storm. Jett Wayne’s Christmas becomes complicated.

When Paris loses her job days before Christmas, her world crumbles. She returns to her parents’ home in outback Australia where she plans on eating enough food to fall into a coma and sleep straight until New Year’s. But when she unwittingly bumps into her ex on her way home, old feelings awaken.

Picking up Paris from the airport isn’t on Jett Wayne’s to-do list. Neither is dealing with their history or her cranky mood. Shit happens, like his one mistake that drove them apart. When he sees her again, he remembers the vulnerable girl from his hometown who rode horses bareback, who never backed down from an argument, and who stole his love.

When they find themselves stranded during an unprecedented storm, they’re faced with explosive emotions, secrets, and uncontrollable desires. Will Jett gamble on a second chance before Paris leaves him for good this time?

Tamed by Christmas by Sidney Valentine

Tamed by ChristmasIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! When time is short, but you need a sweet escape, there is always TAMED BY CHRISTMAS by Sidney Valentine, a second chance romance that got a special push from the magic of the holidays!

The holiday season didn’t start out so well for Paris, seems her “best friend” wiggled her way into the boss’ um, “good graces” and it cost Paris her job. Homeward bound for the Holidays, Paris never expected to be picked up at the airport by HIM. Could it get any worse? The boy who left her behind is now a man and Paris realizes that she never got over him or how he chose a dream over her.

Jett saw her get off the plane and knew he was in for a world of heartache. Paris may look different, but she was still the fiery girl her remembered, the one he hurt and she is clearly not about to let him forget it. But life changes people, heck, life happens and dreams change into better realities, but only if you have your heart’s desire by your side.

Will this Christmas bring the gift of love for them both or will pain from the past be like coal in their stockings??

Simple, sweet, just the right amount of tension and romance for a quick read that will leave you smiling! Good things come in small packages and TAMED BY CHRISTMAS is definitely one of those “pick-me-up” reads!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Sidney Valentine!

The Anna Jennings Series Promo Tour

by E.J. Whitmer

Life Without You by S.P. West Release Tour

by S.P. West

Magic of Books Birthday Bash & #Giveaway - Horror

Magic of Books Promotions hosted its first tour during the month of November three years ago.

The company was created from the passion and desire of its owner, Tami Adams, because of her experiences as an author. From her struggles to have her books viewed and appreciated she knew there had to be another way.

Three years later Tami no longer writes but is determined to show the world the magic that lies within the pages of all books.

The following authors are helping Magic of Books to celebrate its birthday. Enjoy.

Message from Tami:

The last three years have been an incredible journey. I've made so many friends who began as bloggers, readers, and authors. I have been privileged to present and showcase new and old books from seasoned and new authors. I've learned so much I didn't even realize I should know prior to getting into this business. And after three years I can honestly say I'm still learning, I'm still growing, and I'm still making friends. I love and appreciate all of you who have supported my little slice of heaven. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯


Horror is a genre of fiction whose purpose is to create feelings of fear, dread, repulsion, and terror in the audience—in other words, it develops an atmosphere of horror.

Please enjoy these books that focus on horror and all the sub-genres. The list is available in alphabetically order by title.

Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter.

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯


Emma Jackson is an army wife and new mom with all the uncertainties that come with it… until that fear is pushed in a different direction. Instead of worrying about diapers and feeding schedules, her only objective is to keep her child alive after being chased by a man who looks entirely too dead.

Trish Walsh thought her day was bad when she had to drag all four of her children on an errand, but she rethinks the meaning after what she can only hope was someone dressed up like a zombie beats on her car door. Yet, the bloody mess left behind is anything but reassuring.

Cooper Walsh’s job is top secret. When criminals break in to steal his company’s secrets, he overhears the conspiracy devised to create chaos as a cover-up. Knowing he must do everything in his power to right the wrong, he sets out on a mission.

Surviving long enough to reunite with their families is all that matters. That… and stopping the zombie apocalypse before it destroys them.

Psychological Thriller

After the death of her mother, New York surgeon Alexandra travels to New Orleans to face the secrets and tragedies of her youth. A mystery is solved leading to a journey to madness.

Paranormal Horror

Graves Grove isn’t your ordinary town…

Nestled within the folds of the Canadian Rockies, Graves Grove probably isn’t the picturesque place you’d like to stay for long. Peculiar things happen here. The citizens seem normal superficially—they function well enough. But each one is deeply disturbed, wrapped in secrets and neuroses which drive them to strange behaviors.

And then there are all the missing children. And why is everyone afraid of that sycamore tree?

The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove is an anthology of stories taking place throughout the history of this mysterious town, from its founding to its future. Read them…if you dare.

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

Wild Hearts by Vivian Wood Blitz and #Giveaway

Wild Hearts
Vivian Wood
Publication date: November 14th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
In order to find love, you must set your heart free.
All her life, Faith has lacked a true, deep connection to someone. Her parents are long buried, her friends are too busy, and all she has is her job in corporate law to make her feel grounded. Each day is like the last with no telling if there will ever be something more for her. When a distant aunt passes away and leaves Faith her land, Faith has to put her empty life on hold and travel across the country to settle the estate.
A West Coast girl used to a fast paced lifestyle, Faith is ready to be entirely unimpressed by what she finds on the Georgia coast. That is, until she meets Alex.
Strong, tall, and decidedly anti-social, Alex is everything that Faith has been dreaming of her whole life. The fact that he scowls as he shows her the wonders of her new land doesn’t bother her… not like seeing him without his shirt does, anyway.
Alex has a lot of ground to cover before he can learn to trust someone again, but Faith is a lovely temptation. Slender, raven-haired, and smart as hell, she calls to him on a primal level… if he can get over the ghosts of his past.
Distrust, uncertainty, fear of change… In order to find their way to each other, they will each have their own demons to overcome.

Get the prequel – Broken Dreams – for FREE!
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Google Play
Alex wasn’t sure if she kissed him or if he kissed her. All he knew was that suddenly his lips were on hers, and they were softer and sweeter than he could have ever dreamed.
He felt her hands on his chest, and somehow his arms were around her waist. They fit perfectly in that deep curve right above her hips. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he felt the tip of her tongue against his. Alex let out a noise in the back of his throat.
She closed her eyes as he began to work the lotion into her back. Alex started at her shoulders and slid a finger underneath the strip of her halter top. He worked his way down, across her shoulder blades. She let out a moan as he hit a tense muscle in her lower back.
Alex paused, and a flicker of embarrassment washed over her. She expected him to stop, but instead he did it again, deeper. She moaned again, and the rest of her body started to respond.
His touch didn’t just release that tight muscle in her back. It started a fire throughout her entire body. Damn, she thought. She could drift away, let this man touch her all over like he was touching her right now.
His thumbs expertly glided across her lower back as he worked out the kinks. Faith’s breasts tightened, and she felt her nipples pebble. She sucked in her breath, head bowed, and could see her nipples as they responded to him.
Alex’s gaze dipped down to Faith’s lips, glazed with a gloss and smelling of Christmas. He wished he’d had the time, the mind-set, to enjoy those lips the first time he’d tasted them. His eyes continued downward to her breasts. From this angle, he could see straight down the button-up gingham shirt to the pink lace bra below. Her cleavage was deep and deliciously tempting, though he was disappointed he couldn’t make out her nipples. When they’d hardened in that little swimsuit, he was so turned on he could almost taste them between his lips.
He was tempted to kiss her to the point it was almost unbearable. To nibble on those lips and run a thumb across her breasts. Hell, I even know what she tastes like. But this time it would be different.
“Alex,” she started, but he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. It took less than a second to close the distance between them. His lips were on hers, exploring. Faith parted her lips farther to welcome his tongue against hers. God, she tasted sweet.
With one hand, he cupped her chin upward to him. The other pulled her close against him. His hardness slipped with ease between the heat of her soft thighs. Those little shorts really are good for something besides a tease.
Alex needed more, wanted more, and by the way Faith responded, he knew she did, too. He started to walk her backward, through the open bedroom door.